Monday, October 18, 2010

Sun Chips: Too Noisy??? Come on!

The ever influential consumer is mounting a push-back against the new Sun Chips 100% compostable bag. Why you ask? Get this - it is too NOISY! that's right, too noisy. Apparently the new biodegradable Sun Chips bags are made from a stiff plant material that quickly breaks down in landfills, but is very noisy when chip eaters are digging into the bags. According to a report by Stephanie Hayes of the St. Petersburg, FL, Times, "sales dropped 11 percent, so the company last week said it would bring back the original packaging (NOT COMPOSTABLE!!) while developing a quiter eco-friendly bag". Don't blame consumers for rejecting inferior products, said Eric Felten in The Wall Street Journal. You can't force-feed "environmentally conscious alternatives" that are "poor substitutes." Come on Eric - really?? This blogger is pissed-off at the environmental apathy of so many of my fellow American's. Crazy man.
(Source for this blog entry, The Week, October 22nd issue.)